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LOVE - The greatest is love. This is the main motivation and mode of expression.
FAITH - Trying to see ourselves and others as God sees us - works in progress.
ART - The gift that I can use to honor God and find incredible joy.
COMMUNITY - We are here and we are different and we need all of us.


PISTIS (pronounced 'piece-tiece') is the Greek word that translates as "Faithfulness" in the Bible.

Inspired by God's demonstrated faithfulness in my own life, I began to design a shirt for myself as a way to show my thankfulness in a visual way. I did a word search and came across the word 'pistis' which translates as faithfulness. I knew it was perfect for what I was trying to express. As I was sketching out some ideas and the shapes began to form I wondered how many other people would want a shirt like the one I was designing. I decided to put it out there and see what happens.

As I began building this business and researching ideas it started to become clear that this was a perfect symbol that brought together all the things that meant something to me. It was a great way to express myself as an artist and show the world who God created me to be.

I decided to use Printful as my supplier, and they handle everything from fulfilling orders to shipping so I can stay focused on designing. The vision for PISTIS is to continue to create apparel and art in line with the guiding values as well as to inspire young artists through volunteer work with the youth in schools and churches.