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Artist Statement

Chefs are inspired by smells and taste. Musicians are inspired by sounds. Dancers are inspired by movement. I have always been inspired by the things I saw.

I have always felt compelled to draw and paint things that were both positive and beautiful to me. They were a refuge for me while I was surrounded by difficult childhood circumstances.

At an early age, I was captivated by animation, comics, movies, video games, toys, shopping malls, theme parks, and sports. I loved the wide range of stories, characters, settings, and their connection to visual art. I loved being able to escape into my imagination as I played outside with my friends, and these kinds of things inspired me to create my own worlds on paper. I would sit in front of the TV watching Bob Ross and Walt Disney and dream about all the things I could create.

I graduated from South Kitsap High School in 1997 and took art classes at Olympic College until 2000. I enrolled in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2006 and graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation in 2009. In 2016, I enrolled in Western Governors University and earned my Masters in Business Administration in 2018. The first ten years of my career were in sales followed by ten years of retail management roles. In 2017, I finally had the courage to begin pursuing the things on my heart full-time which were my art and youth ministry.

As an adult, my appreciation has shifted to the world around me here in the Pacific Northwest. The natural beauty of our surroundings creates an endless supply of inspiration. In my paintings, I appreciate an impressionist approach where I can show the beauty of everyday life and find a balance between accurate depictions and loose brush work. I will intentionally change or add color to enhance the emotional impact of the work. It’s more important to paint how something makes me feel rather than just how it looks.

My aim is to “inspire life” through my work. I started to believe in and follow Jesus in my early twenties, and this experience has blessed my life in so many unexpected ways. My gratitude for all He has done for me motivates me to serve others and help them find the same peace and joy that I have found in this life; especially since this world is simultaneously filled with so many dark and tragic things. 

Many of my friends and family battle things like anxiety, depression, divorce, insecurity, poverty, cutting, addictions, disease, and many other things that make life feel unbearable at times. In the midst of all that pain and suffering in the human condition, I believe hope is real and available. I know that God can positively transform our stories. I want my work to be something that can help someone heal or be reminded that God loves them. I want them to see the beauty found in Creation and ultimately the beauty of our Creator. God is an artist, and we are His masterpiece.


Adam Smith