26pcs Professional Drawing Kit

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Professional sketch kit, 26pcs/set, satisfies all your needs of drawing, sketching and writing.
With variety of sketching pencils(12pcs): B/2B/3B/4B/5B/6B/8B/HB/2H/3H/4H/5H, for shading and light sketching.
3pcs charcoal pencils ranging from soft to medium and hard, plus one graphite pencil(6B) for sketching and darker shading.
Also including 3pcs charcoal sticks(soft/medium/hard) and 3pcs graphite sticks(soft/medium/hard) for different drawing effects.
Comes with 2 sharpeners for keeping pencil in prepared state and with 2 erasers for removing mistake marks.
Suitable for art supplies, students, sketch lovers; and perfect for school, class and daily use.

Package Size: 32 * 27 * 1.5cm / 12.6 * 10.6 * 0.6in
Package Weight: 265g / 9.3oz

Package List:
12 * Sketch Pencils(8B,6B,5B,4B,3B,2B,B,HB,2H,3H,4H,5H)
3 * Charcoal Pencils(soft, medium, hard)
1 * Graphite Pencil
3 * Charcoal Sticks (soft, medium, hard)
3 * Graphite Sticks (soft, medium, hard)
1 * Black Sharpener(for charcoal pencils)
1 * Silver Sharpener
1 * PVC-free plastic Eraser
1 * Kneaded Eraser